Findlay Brewing Company

An epic brewing company located in downtown Findlay, Ohio. The birthplace of great beer.


The Findlay Brewing Company came to us from humble beginnings. Like all great startups; they got their start in a garage. From the garage they quickly graduated to a small shop where they developed their own techniques and customer base. Like any new kid on the block they quickly outgrew their digs. At this point they began the long road to a more permanent and size appropriate venue. They had a logo and some labels but that was about it. This is where we stepped in and we couldn’t have been happier to help.

We began our process with a simple conversation to figure out what the roots of Findlay Brewing Co were and where they wanted it to go. Once we agreed on a general direction and audience we began to explore options for aesthetics. After the visual direction was determined we began exploring logo and font options.


We came up with a ton of different variations and narrowed down the dozens of options into a select few digestible options for our client.


We developed the logo, secondary logo, supporting elements, signage, cans, and various other promotion and supporting materials.



That can tho

What good is a beer without a beer can.

Along with the development of all of the foundational brand assets and elements we designed and managed interior and exterior signage to really push the brand. For the exterior sign we worked with a sign company to develop a custom dome face interior lit sign. We also worked with an old school neon builder to produce a large version of the icon in legit neon. It is as awesome as it sounds.