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We're always evolving and developing new services to better serve our customers. We aim to be a one-stop shop for our clients.


Logo and Visual Design

A logo is the face of your company. It’s how people recognize you. Our goal is to work with you to make sure you get the best logo possible for your brand, service, or business. Our team of trained designers dig in and make sure your logo will work for you.

We don’t just hand off a logo. We also include a basic visual guideline with your logo to make sure you understand how to use your logo, what colors to use, and what fonts pair with your visual identity. Creating a solid logo with a clear visual identity is the first step in developing your brand and we know it has to be successful.

Web Design & Development

We concentrate on excellent user experience so our clients’ customers can quickly click, buy, and find the information they need.

Let’s optimize and strategize your business to a more productive online presence.

AR utilizes the WebStop website platform to produce user friendly websites. Additionally, AR can produce custom WordPress websites at competitive rates.

Social Media Management

A solid brand isn’t anything unless your audience sees it and hears your message. Social Media Management goes hand-in-hand with any solid marketing plan. We’re masters of taking advantage of social media platforms at an affordable rate.

We have pre-set plans that work for different businesses, but we can also tailor our services to fit your needs and your budget.


Professional Video and Photography

We have several experienced professional photographers for any application. AR finished photography is edited and delivered to your specifications. You own the imagery.

Our video production services range from drone operation, hand-held filming, and Facebook Live to final editing and production.

Video improves SEO and the likelihood of your messaging rising to the top in a cluttered marketplace.

Digital Display Advertising

Our Digital Display Advertising programs allow for a specialized, unique approach to online advertising. We work directly with Google Ads, patented IP targeting software and more. With a Google and Waze certified digital buyer on staff, we can advertise nearly anywhere online.

Our digital team can create a campaign strategy that helps you meet your goals and your budget. Our in-house design team helps to create visually appealing ads that get you clicks whether those be through display, video, or copy and our easy to read, custom monthly reports help you track your ROI and allow us to make changes as we learn from every campaign. 

Media Buying

Our network of partners across the country help us reach every market at a competitive rate.

There are no areas out of reach, and we can serve your message at the right time, on the right channel at the right price.


Print Advertising

Print is still the highest advertising expense associated with grocery marketing today. Let us illustrate how we make print work for you. Billboard and weekly circular production, design, and procurement are still a part of advertising, and we are just old enough to know how to do it well!

Circular Advertising Audit

We can conduct a comprehensive advertising audit of your business. The audit will consist of an actual ad spend reconciliation to ensure your organization has been billed properly by local and national media sources.

Additionally, we will review media rates to ensure you are receiving the best possible pricing in your category and recommend or negotiate improved rates on your behalf if desired.

We formulate a recommended media spend in your markets, utilizing your organization’s resources most efficiently.

TV and Radio Commercials

When we put our video production and voiceover capabilities to work we can produce some really great messages for TV and Radio.

TV and radio are still alive and well, and we can show you how to get the most out of your budget.


Magnet Mailers

Direct mail works. Repeat. Direct mail works, and AR magnet mailers are the industry leader when it comes to driving results.

Direct mail is 70% more likely to be read by customers than electronic media. Magnet mailers don’t just land in mail boxes and tell a story. They literally hang around and offer customers reasons to shop for weeks!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a truly measurable means of reaching your customers on a regular basis.

AR Marketing manages several different email platforms and can incorporate existing email contact lists easily into our mix.

Our monthly reporting will show you who is listening and how often; helping us strategize a customized email program that best fits your business.


Texting is quite possibly the unsung hero of marketing direct to consumers.

With smart device technology dominating screen time today, texting is the perfect channel to create urgency and brand awareness.

AR Marketing can script, schedule, and manage your texting delivery program, leaving more time to sell and less time doing the marketing nitty gritty.


In-Store Audio

AR Marketing Audio is the most advanced, feature rich, and easily used music and message delivery system available today. With licensed music and multiple message delivery options. AR Audio is like owning your own in-store radio station.

  • A patent-protected music system with best in class features.

  • Complete customizable music and messaging solutions.

  • User-friendly online software with extensive features.

  • Highest quality commercial-free digital music.

  • Impact-driven custom message writing and production.

  • Separate telephone message on-hold capabilities.

  • Simple installation process.

  • Web-based wireless control network.

Reputation Management

AR Reputation Management monitors all your stores on a daily basis and notifies you immediately of new reviews found on over 20 local search & review sites. Our platform benchmarks each location along with competitors, and alerts you of new reviews, photographs & customer engagement.

An added benefit of AR Reputation Management is our ‘Sentiment Analysis’ feature which allows you to easily understand and determine customer attitude toward your brand.